Meet Queen

Queen Johnson is a Democrat Socialist, Community Organizer , and a Human Rights Activist running for Congress to FIGHT, TAKE ACTION, AND BE THE VOICE FOR THE PEOPLE. Queen’s mission is to create“An America That Works For You,” by Rebuilding & Restoring our community .

Meet Queen

Queen was born and raised in public housing. She faced many of the challenges her Brooklyn neighbors experience today. Some being the shelter system, student loans, underfunded public schools, and government assistance. Queen  lived in Brooklyn up until thirteen and moved to a public housing development in Queens New York. By 19 Queen was able to obtain her very own public housing apartment in Brooklyn New York.

While in High School Queen was apart of the debate team and would have both sides going wild when she spoke. Queen has lived in some of the roughest areas of NYCHA which included crime, and poverty are issues  she witnessed first hand.

Despite going to an underfunded Queens High School, Queen did graduate and was able to obtain her Associates Degree in Criminal Justice from Berkeley College and within three years she obtained her Bachelors Degree in Economics Analysis from CUNY Brooklyn College. 

As a single mother, and a foster mother Queen made it her mission to beat the statistics of being an African American woman born and raised in high crime low income area not finishing school because of her environment. Queen believes once you believe it you will achieve it. 

On October 2014, Queen began to work for the City of New York Human Resources Administration Civil Service Title Eligibility Specialist II. Her duties were to determine eligibility for those in need of  assistance. Queen worked in the Medicaid Division, under the Disable, Aged, and Blind unit. Queen helped thousands of people become entitled to Medicaid assistance. She resigned in 2020 due to Covid-19. 

Queen has always be an advocate for the people. During the early stages of the pandemic when the current representative of the district Hakeem Jeffries wasn’t available in the community was crying out for help, she teamed up with Bed-Stuy Strong is a group of neighbors helping neighbors in a spirit of solidarity. Bed-Stuy Strong is a mutual aid network of over 4,000 people from across Bed-Stuy who are supporting each other and our communities during the COVID-19 crisis. Queen also protesting in the Black Lives Matter movement against police brutality. 

This campaign is personal for Queen, she lives what our “elected” officials speaks about in their everyday speeches. Queen family members are working class citizens. Queen parents collect social security. Queen has been subjected to high healthcare cost. Queen has family members in underfunded public schools. Gentrification is happening in the area that Queen currently lives in. Queen has experienced all the issues and is ready to be your voice. 

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