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Meet Queen

My name is Queen Johnson I am a community organizer, mutual aid giver , public servant and a human rights activist running for U.S Congress NY-08.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn New York in the 90’s. My mother was a working class single mother and we lived in a public housing development low income, high crime area. Our housing conditions wasn’t the best but it was home. My mom received government assistance, and I received a public school education.

I’m not new to protesting for what’s right at the age of 13, I was marching along side Al Sharpton against police brutality. My neighbor unarmed 19 year old Timothy Stansbury was shot on my roof building by a NYPD officer. Of course they called it an accidental shooting but it was nothing accidental about this crime that the officer committed. So, when I say Defund the Police, I am very aware of those nuances around being safe from the dangers in our communities and the dangers in uniform. 

Growing up in poverty,  I knew I wanted to do more for my community. Although I couldn’t afford a college education, I took out the loans necessary and made it my mission to pursue my bachelors degree in Economic analysis. I wanted to study how could I get my community out of the cycle of poverty. I learned by creating and improving access to jobs, raising the minimum wage, investing in and implementing agricultural programs, reforming our criminal justice system and providing all people with access to basic social services which includes education, healthcare, adequate food, sanitation, shelter and clean water are ways to reduce poverty.

I was determined to not let my dad become a statistic when a medical emergency prevented him from breathing, and kept him in pain while he waited for his insurance to kick in. I was powerless to help him as that Medicaid Eligibility Specialist. I was determined to not let my son become a statistic when a medical emergency put my son and family in a similar situation, while I was still that Medicaid Eligibility Specialist. I was determined to not let the kids in foster care become a statistic while being apart of a broken welfare system.

I know that the rest of us in this district don’t want to become that statistic either. Since our opponent has been in Congress, we have seen crime rise in both Brooklyn and Queens as gentrifiers come and “refurbish” our homes before pricing us out. We have seen crime rise in both Brooklyn and Queens as money went to riot gear and not to community services. We have seen crime rise in both Brooklyn and Queens as our communities routinely get funding cut, while police, military, and corporations keep getting bailouts and bonusesWe have seen crime rise in both Brooklyn and Queens while our opponent refuses to visit his own community that he represents.

We want to be invested in by our government, but while they fail to help us out, we stick up for each other. We created a Gofundme to help each other afford medication. We deliver food to each other through mutual aid. We stand up and help to keep ourselves housed with tenant organizing. We protest against developers and fight for state senators and city council members that will make our lives fundamentally better. And it is time that we fought for a representative that would do the same.

My run for U.S Congress is about protecting and putting the people first. I am running against Hakeem Jeffries a career politician who has created a PAC to keep progressives candidates like myself out of office. No PAC will keep me silent , No PAC will stop me for fighting and No PAC would ever be bigger than my community.

It is time to get a new generation of leaders who will fight, demand, and protect all everyday people.

Our opponent may have the money but we have the power of the people and that would over power any establishment.

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