This pandemic has hurt millions of families. During this pandemic millions of people have became unemployed, the homeless population has increased significantly, and the crime rate has also increased. Thousands are without health insurance and many are also still struggling to make ends meet. We have been failed by our own government and our leaders did not have a plan for us. We can not ever come back to this point once we Rebuild and Restore Again.

Going forward we must enact a universal single payer health insurance, so we are all protected during a crisis. We have to strengthen our unions for the protection of the working class. We must fight for a homes guarantee so this way no one will be without housing. Lastly we must continue to push for a Green New Deal for its economic stimulus and climate crisis solution.

Key Findings

  • Low-Income Americans, especially women within this group, were more likely to lose their income in the first month of the crisis.
  • Low-Income households are also bearing the brunt of worry when it comes to JOB, INCOME STABILITY, AND HEALTH-CARE COVERAGE.
  • Americans are mostly supportive of stay at home COVID-19 measures , but support is influenced by their sources of COVID-19 information.
  • Multiple analyses of available federal, state, and local data show that people of color are experiencing a disproportionate burden of COVID-19 cases and deaths.
  • Data show that Black, Hispanic, and AIAN people are at increased risk of hospitalization due to COVID-19.
  • Studies find racial/ethnic disparities in COVID-19 among Medicare beneficiaries, nursing home facilities, pregnant women, and children.

What is Queen Fighting For!

  • Rebuild & Restore Our Community from this pandemic.
  • Create more jobs in New York City. This will decrease the numbers of unemployment.
  • Provide housing to all homeless individuals in the city to protect their health and safety.
  • Forgive all residential and commercial rent payments during the crisis.
  • Forgive all medical expenses incurred because of COVID-19.
  • Invest into more testing on Covid-19.
  • Ensure that healthcare workers have protective equipment.
  • Create a strategic plan on how to prepare for a pandemic so we will not have to relive this era again. Unfortunately there was no plan in place when Covid-19 hit us hard.
  • Continue to fund small businesses with grants so they will not be obligated to pay back.
  • Stimulus Checks distributed in the amount of $2,000.00 monthly.

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