My entire education was from a public school system. My teachers were amazing, they pushed me beyond the limits and always believed in me since I entered their classrooms. The way the public school system is going now has me in disbelief. As an activist, organizer, mother, and advocate for the youth I have always been big on education and will continue to fight for our children to have the best education. We have to save our public system.

Key Findings

  • The city’s education department took a $707 million hit in the new fiscal year, including $65 million more in budget cuts.
  • A hiring freeze across the education department, proposed in April, is expected to save at least $56 million this fiscal year, according to budget documents.
  • The final budget erases Teacher’s Choice, a program that reimburses teachers and other school staff, including social workers and literacy coaches, for certain classroom supplies.
  • About $9 million, year over year, was cut from the community schools program, which provides wraparound services for high needs students at 267 schools
  • The department’s borough field support offices, which help schools with professional development, hiring, and budgets, services for English language learners and students with disabilities, and safety issues, among other matters, will see $20 million in cuts this fiscal year.

What Queen Is Fighting For!

  • Fully Funded by the federal government. The state has failed us with funding our schools since The Foundation Aid Formula was created in 2007-2008. At this point in time NYC schools are owed 1 billion dollars and I will fight to get what is owed to our school systems.
  • End the privatization of our public schools, and invest into our public school system.
  • Raise teacher salaries to the living wages of at least 70,000 a year.
  • Fully fund more counselors and social workers and reduce the number of school safety officers.
  • Invest in our most underserved ‌schools.‌‌ This funding is crucial to ensure black and brown students ‌receive the best education and resources.
  • End the school to prison pipeline. The federal zero tolerance discipline policy has resulted in racial disparities and honestly it has no positive impact on our students. Invest into more social workers and train teachers on mental health and trauma-informed practices. This way will make a safer school setting and have a more positive approach on our students. School shouldn’t feel like prison.
  • Cancel student debt for college students.
  • Free tuition for all SUNY & CUNY colleges
  • Universal higher education in all prisons.
  • Invest billions into historical black colleges and universities.

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