Fighting For Families

I am a mother who once had childcare and it was a rollercoaster. I am also a mother who has had to rush back to work because my maternity leave was cut after 12 weeks and I did not enough time to bond with my newborn. I am also a mother who child did get sick and I was denied sick leave because my situation didn’t fit the criteria and was penalized because I had to take off time for work to take care of my child. These are all issues many of us have faced.

Key Findings! 

  • Leave takers with lower incomes are far less likely than those with higher incomes to receive pay when they take time off from work for family or medical reasons.
  • About eight-in-ten leave takers (78%) who took unpaid or partially paid family or medical leave say they cut back on their spending to compensate for lost wages or salary. 
  • The median length of maternity leave far exceeds that of paternity leave (11 weeks vs. one week, respectively). But women with lower household incomes generally took shorter maternity leaves than women with higher incomes.
  • Only 1% of single parent families citywide can afford center-based care, and only 5% can afford home-based care when using the same affordability threshold.
  • In the CAP survey, mothers said that if they had access to more affordable and reliable child care, they would increase their earnings and progress in their careers by finding a higher-paying job, applying for a promotion, seeking more hours at work, or finding a job in the first place. 

What Queen is Fighting For!

  • Increasing minimum wage.
  • One year maternity leave with pay.
  • Unlimited Sick and Family Leave with pay.
  • Universal Pre-K For All.

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