Gun Violence

Gun violence is a major worldwide issue, that can’t be overlooked. It is time to implement new laws pertaining to gun violence. Every time I see on the news of a situation that ended fatal due to gun violence my heart breaks. I grew up in Bedford Stuyvesant and as a child gun violence should never be the “norm”. It’s not a day that go by that my citizen app doesn’t go off with a shooting alert. I send my condolences to all the families who have lost someone due to gun violence and my duties are to pass laws to prevent gun violence.

It is very easy to get a gun and more mentally disabled people are getting their hands on guns, on April 22, 2021 in Park Slope Latisha Bell shot her ex girlfriend Nichelle Thomas in the head execution style. Ms. Bell had mental issues and was able to get her hands on a gun it’s heartbreaking that this relationship had to end fatal.

My duties in Congress will be to fight against gun violence and create more mental health resources for our people.

Key Findings 

  • There are 8 million new small arms and up to 15 billion rounds of ammunition produced each year.
  • The small arms trade is worth an estimated US$8.5 billion per year.
  • Gun violence can lead to a violation of the most fundamental human right – the right to life.
  • Firearm violence can disrupt the functioning of schools and make students’ journeys to and from school dangerous.
  • In 2017, some 39,773 died from gunshot injuries, an average of nearly 109 people each day.
  • The USA lacks measures such as a national firearm registry.
  • In the USA, between 2009 and 2016, there were:
  • 156 mass shootings with a total of 848 people killed and 339 injured. With numbers increasing from 2016-2020.
  • Most children who are victims of firearm killings in the USA are from minority communities.
  • Homicide is the second leading cause of death among black children and 65% of those killings are committed with guns.

What Queen Is Fighting For ? 

One of my duties in Congress will be to pass  gun violence prevention legislation that would include

  • Extensive Background Checks for private and public sells of gun and ammunition purchases.
  • Minimizing/Reporting the number of gun purchases that one person can make.
  • Raising the minimum age to 21 years old to purchase a gun. Which will keep guns out of the hands of teens.
  • No one who has been convicted of a HATE CRIME will be able to purchase a gun

In support of Break The Cycle Act , I am fighting for the federal government to invest 5 billion over 8 years to fund the lifesaving work of violence interrupters which will help thousands of violence interrupters across the country save more lives from gun violence and prevent the pain and lasting trauma suffered by parents , siblings, and neighbors.

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