Housing Guarantee

I was born and raised in NYCHA public housing . With gentrification happening and the homeless population increasing in our black and brown communities it is a must that we continuously fight for a homes guarantee. Our community can be rebuilt without the price going up .It is very heart breaking, concerning, and alarming for people with my story to not be able to afford housing .

Key Findings

  • In 2016, more than one-third of low-income households lived in low-income neighborhoods at risk of or already experiencing displacement.
  • Over 12% of neighborhoods in the region are gentrifying or in an advanced state of gentrification.
  • In 2018, 515 census tracts in the region were designated as Opportunity Zones under a program that provides tax incentives for private investment in low-income urban areas.
  • There are 314 super-gentrified or exclusive neighborhoods in the metro region.

What Queen Is Fighting For!

  • Turning Section 8 into housing guarantee.
  • Eliminating the Major Capital Improvement loophole.
  • Banning source-of-income discrimination nationwide will be a necessary dual of reform in conjunction with the housing guarantee voucher.
  • Invest 3 billion into Public Housing, In order to tackle the issue of homelessness and housing Prioritizing NYCHA residents who needs major repairs and have heating issues. In fact,NY-8 has a shortage of over 91,000 affordable rental homes.
  • We must Tax The Rich to solve our housing crisis, by ending 421a and 485a tax breaks and passing new taxes on the wealthy, such as the pied-a-terre tax.

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