Fighting For Families

I am a mother who once had childcare and it was a rollercoaster. I am also a mother who has had to rush back to work because my maternity leave was cut after 12 weeks and I did not enough time to bond with my newborn. I am also a mother who child did get sick and I was denied sick leave because my situation didn’t fit the criteria and was penalized because I had to take off to take care of my child. These are all issues many of faced and these are issues I have faced personally.

What Queen is Fighting For!

  • Daycare should be free and I will fight until it is 100% free and apart of the public school system.
  • I will continue to fight for increase time with sick leave, maternity and family leave.
  • I am fighting for one year maternity leave with pay.
  • Unlimited Sick and Family Leave with pay
  • Universal Pre-K For All

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