Justice Reform

As a mother of three African American boys, I have to educate them on the injustice system. I remember when the stop and frisk era was going on, I was about 14 years old and my brother went to the store and as he was buying food an officer stopped him and said he “fit” the description of a black man with dreads and that they were looking for this man. They took him to the precinct for hours and then released him after they figured out he was not the “black man with dreads “. To be honest, when I look back from then to now nothing has really changed.

The jail/prison system is taking away our human rights, and it is time to put a stop to it. Instead of building more correctional facilities for profit, we should be building more mental resources in our communities and shift funds away from prisons and into community crime prevention programs. 

Key Findings

  • Nearly 5 million people are arrested and jailed every year;
  • Almost 2.2 million people are incarcerated
  • Collectively, 1,273,605 people are locked in State prisons and another 745,200 people are detained in local jail on a giving night.
  • 500,000 immigrants are incarcerated in immigrant jails and prisons annually.
  • 4.5 million people are under some form of community supervision, including probation and parole.
  • Incarcerated people remain incarcerated for longer periods of time and the number of people serving life sentences has quadrupled since 1984.
  • Black people are incarcerated at 5 times the rate of White people, making up just 13 percent of the population, but 33 percent of the country’s prisoners.

What Queen Is Fighting For!

  • Community Protection: In District 8, the crime rate has increased significantly, and police brutality is a social issue that is still going on in Black/Brown communities. The first step is to create a Community Protection in our community. The Community Protection will defuse situations /disputes with proper training and offer support services for the community.
  • End Qualified Immunity.
  • Legalize marijuana to promote economic justice and release those whom charges were related marijuana offenses and seal their records for re-entry into society.
  • Eliminating drug testing
  • Improving the police board and creating new policies, for the police department that will ensure that the police do not abuse their power. Implementing mandatory trainings through out the year for fellow officers.  We have to hold the police accountable for their actions by creating new laws to protect the people against the police unlawful acts.
  • Reducing the sentencing laws to 42% having to be completed in order for re-entry into society which will decrease mass incarceration.
  • Eliminate commissary.
  • We must Abolish Solitary Confinement. We aren’t animals and being locked up for days, months, and even years isolated from the general public is very disturbing for our people who are in jail/prison.
  • Allowing incarcerated people to vote. Voting is a right that all citizens have and it shouldn’t be taking away because someone has entered the jail/prison system. We must ensure every American can vote.
  • ICE uses cruel tactics to terrorize communities and separate families. We must End Mass Deportation and Abolish ICE. We also must end this cruel tactic of family separation.
  • In favor of Rep. Pressley’s People’s Justice Guarantee. That will tackle the issues of the injustice legal system.


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