LGBTQ+ Rights

Being an African American Lesbian, I know the struggles that this population goes through. We must be accepted, and respected. Trans Lives Do Matter. We are humans and shouldn’t be hated because of our sexuality. The LGBTQ+ has faced serious discrimination, and hate crimes across the nation. I will be standing up for LGBTQ+ Rights and ending this oppression.

Key Findings

  • Bisexuals make up the largest share of LGBT Americans.
  • Most LGBTQ+ Americans say they have never lived somewhere that is known as an LGBT neighborhood.
  • Queer individuals face high rates of discrimination in prison, where trans inmates have a particularly grueling history of abuse, including being put in solitary confinement allegedly for their own protection.
  • The LGBTQ+ community continues to fight for better access to healthcare, and for equal treatment by doctors and health insurance companies that can block individuals’ access to care they need.
  • Hate crimes against LGBTQ+ individuals are still shockingly prevalent across the country. In 2015, nearly one in five hate crimes committed in the US was due to sexual orientation, and another 2% of crimes were committed because of gender identity.

What Queen Is Fighting For!

  • LGBTQ+ people will have the right to universal healthcare, which will include vital services like reassignment surgery, hormonal treatment, and PrEP.
  • Judicial decisions and laws crafted and passed to ensure EQUALITY.
  • Decrease LGBTQ+ homelessness by building 20,000 supportive housing units.
  • Ending discrimination in prisons by creating safe units for our LGBTQ+ community.

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