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Medicare For All

The American Health Care System is hurting millions, and a single-payer health care system will save millions of lives. In 2016 my father was rushed to the hospital with breathing difficulties that required emergency surgery .

My dad had no health insurance and had to wait 4 days on a breathing machine until they applied for Medicaid and it was approved. I only imagined how many lives could have been saved if universal health care was in place . Health care shouldn’t be labeled as a for profit business.

Key Findings

Why Do We Need A Single Payer Health Care System ?

  • 29% of Americans lost their healthcare insurance coverage at some point in 2020.
  • Losing healthcare insurance coverage was exceptionally high for those who were laid off or furloughed due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • The main reason so many Americans still do not have healthcare insurance coverage is because of the cost.
  • 45% of healthcare insurance marketplace users said the cost of their healthcare insurance was higher than they expected.

What Queen Is Fighting For!

  • Elimination of Fees: With copays, deductibles, and premiums health care has become a financial burden on singles and families.
  • Expansion of Coverages: Americans with health insurance still struggle with getting the proper care they needed. Mental health, dental, vision, reproduction, long term care, and outpatient services are coverages that many Americans need but are either denied, limited, or they cannot simple afford it.
  • Prescription Drug Prices Lowered: Americans are paying outrageous prices for prescription drugs because of our government and it is time to demand that the pharmaceutical industry come back to the table with a new plan for Americans that includes price relief on prescription drugs.
  • Maternal Health: The maternal death ratio for Black women (37.1 per 100,000 pregnancies) is 2.5 times the ratio for white women (14.7) and three times the ratio for Hispanic women (11.8). This is immoral and political failure. This is due to the lack of quality of health care provided and systematic racism. Medicare For All will tackle both racial and gender disparities in our health care system.

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