Women Rights

I speak as being a woman, I speak as being a mother and I am not in fear of our society and I shall not be silenced. I will fight for all women to make sure their voices are heard, and their issues are addressed. I will take action so all women are equal. I will be that voice! I to have been paid less due to being a “woman”. I have always been disgusted by women being paid less than a man and it’s time to continue to fight until this is ILLEGAL!

Recently Sha-Asia Washington, District 8 resident died from childbirth due to the hospital negligence. She deserves to be raising her child not her family planning a funeral. I pray every night for the family and for god to give them the strength everyday to raise her beautiful daughter.

Postpartum depression has increased , and mothers need mandatory mental health evaluation and support after giving birth. 

Key Findings!

  • Women still make just 78 cents for every dollar earned by men. Black women earn only 64 cents and Latinasonly 54 cents for each dollar earned by white men.
  • 1 in 4 U.S. Department of Justice reports that approximately one in four homeless women is homeless because of violence committed against her.
  • Over 1,000 public K-12 schools in the United States have single-sex education programs. Many rely on discredited science and gender stereotypes.

What Queen is Fighting For!

  • Wage Increase 
    Women wages have always been lower than men wages with the same job/career duties. It is time for women to have equal pay as men. We must continue to fight for women to receive equal pay. New York passed a pay equity law, which is a great start but we must continue to fight until all of our DEMANDS are met !
  • Abortion Rights 
    Abortion is a right that women have and that should not be taking away from women. Millions of women haven’t been able to get legal abortion services for years. It is time to put in end to this by repeal of the Hyde Amendment so that all women can receive/access abortion services.
  • Reproductive Rights
    We are in control of our bodies, no one should be telling us what is acceptable and what is not for our bodies and our choices. I stand by all women and will continue to fight for women’s reproductive rights. No men should have the obligation to decide what women can do with their bodies including the men in Congress. That’s insane! I will continue to fight for all women until the laws acknowledge the rights of all women. I stand with all WOMEN. I am a WOMAN!
  • Maternal Mortality
    We have to protect our expecting mothers. Maternity mortality is increasing in the U.S while it declines in other countries. There are too many black woman dying at child birth. Black women are 3-4 times higher to die from childbirth than any other race! Our health care system and RACISM has contributed to this crisis. We must pass the Medicare For All and reform our health care system to have a more natural approach to pregnancy, medical conditions, and protecting our black women! In Congress I plan to join the Black Maternal Health Caucus and take ACTION towards protecting our black women’s maternal health as well as mental health after giving birth . 

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